Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Mommy Is Mine - Part I

I am Varun 20, the only son of my parents. My dad is a govt. servant and my mom is a housewife. I am studying Computer Science at Bangalore. My parents stay in Hyderabad. My mom use to come to see me once in a mom but my dad rarely comes.

I wait eagerly for my mom’s visit. She spends two days with me everything was all right till I read the mom and son incest story in Internet. I got interested in reading incest storied and my attitude towards my mom gradually changed. I started thinking only about my mom and used to masturbate thinking about her.

The name of my mom is Savita and she is 5.6 inches high and weighs 65 kg, has long black hair touching her butts. She is fair and has a perfect figure of 38 32 36. She is 39 but looks younger. I used to do whatever she asked me to do when she comes to see me. I want to make her happy.

I used to take her to all the places I know. She feels very happy when I took her around the city but this time when she was going to home she hugged me before she was leaving. I couldn’t understand anything except that she was happy.

I was happy that I got a hug from my beautiful mom after my 6th semester I had a vacation for one month and went home. I was very happy that I got the opportunity to see and have mom for one month and when I knocked the door, mom opened it and hugged me with great pleasure.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Kaise Maine Apni Taiji Badi Mummy Ko Choda- Part II

First Part:-
Hi friends apne meri story ka pehla part pada hoga.mujhe uske liye hazaron mail aaye or sabko story bahut acchi lagi.maine ap sab logo ko pics mail kar di kuch log reh gaye honge ubko bhi bhej dunga. Meri taiji 40 Saal,5’3 height or vo bahut pretty hai vo curvy fuller figure kale lambe baal,figure 42-32-42.vo moti nahi hai unka badan gudguda or tight hai.unki chuchiyan or gand bahut bade or broad hai or vo bahut sexy dikti.

Unki komal gora jism koi dekh le to bas chodna chahe ek dam mast sudol or gora jism jinhone pictures dekhi hogi vo pakka mutt maar rahe honge jinhone nahi pada vo please iss me desi ke aage ke pages me pad le kaise maine apni taiji badi mummy ko choda ab aage second part padiye fir us raat ko jab sab so rahe the taiji unko main mummy hi kehta hoon,ne mujhe

Apne room me bulaya or kaha shayad tum jaante ho ki maine tumhe kyo bulaya hai maine anjaan bante hue kaha ki ‘mujhe nahi pata to vo boli ki mujhe lagta hai ki kisi ne mere sath jabardasti ki hai or main kal police complain karungi or test me pata chal jayega ki kya hua hai or kisne kiya hai’main phas gaya or darr gaya maine kaha ki nahi please aisa mat kijiyega maine hi apke sath sex kiya tha.

Didi Se Pata Chala - Part I

Hi readers I’m Vijay and this is my first story so please bare if any mistakes. the stories here are purely fictional and even mine is imaginary so please don’t believe anyone here if they say it’s real there may be very rare people so let’s begin with story. Mai 18 saal ka tha and didi 19 saal ki thi didi ka naam Priya tha mere mummy papa kaam pe jate the to roz wo hi mujhe uthaya karti thi aur school ke liye taiyar karti

Thi hum dono kaafi karib the ek dusre se kyuki ghar pe pura din  hum dono rehte the us waqt mai chota tha to mujhe meri didi ke size k bare me aur wo sab pata nahi tha na hi sex ki itni knowledge thi mujhe yaad hai us waqt didi ke col me chuttiya chal. Rahi thi school ghar se10 minutes ki doori par hi tha to mai akela chala jata tha aur akela wapas ata tha ek din jab mai school se wapas aaraha tha to zor ki barish ho rahi thi maine thodi der wait kiya par barish nahi ruki to mai bheegte hue hi ghar chala gaya mai thand se kaanp raha tha mai pura bheeg gaya tha ghar pahunchte hi didi ne towel se sar pocha aur mere kapde nikalke mere sharer.

Se pani pocha mai pura nanga khada tha didi ke samne par ye normal tha humare liye kyuki mujhe meri didi hi roj nehla ke kapde pehnati thi aur wo bhi bra panty me gahr me ghumti thi jab koi ma pa ghar par nahi hote to mujhe unke samne nanga hone me sharam nahi ati thi mera penis abhi groth stage me tha puri tarah se bada nai hua tha penis k pas halke2 baal nikle the aur penis thoda hi bada tha meri age ke karan didi ko us din kamar me dard horaha tha to didi ne mujhe andar se kapda lane ko kaha taki wo mujhe kapda pehna de mai bhaag ke andar room me jaraha tha ke achanak mera balance bigad gaya aur mai munh k bal gir gaya mai zor se rone laga didi mere pas ayi mujhe chup karaya aur mujhe uthake kamre me le gayi aur bed me sula diya didi

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sexy Mom Sumaya

I’m male of 18 years old and my mom is Sumaya 34 years old and still hot. She is 5'8 and 60 kgs. My dad is an investment banker andhe is a workaholic and stays at office very late and on weekends. He comes home only to sleep we stay in Mumbai it was after my 12 exams. I had nothing to do but to stay with my laptop and chat with friends. My mom came to me and asked me if I can teach her some computer stuff I agreed.

Now she used to wear sarees at that time in the house so I could not say what her figure was but one thing was evident that she had a nice pair of tits by nice I mean big round and firm. She had a big nice ass and her naval was long and deep. She had very less fat around her belly. She had a bony face with perky nose and thick lips but she never used to take care of herself. I mean she never used to go to parlor regularly.

So when I started her computer training we started with browsing the internet. I opened her email account and taught her how to open websites and you tube and search on google. She was very impressed with me and she was very enthusiastic about browsing. She found it very interesting. So she got herself and laptop and started spending lots of time on the internet.

Sex In The Village Lake

By Abhi

Hi guys, hope you are doing just fine. This is Rahul back with one more sensual and erotic incident. The incident happened with me with one of aunt. I was studying in my class IX. So I after exams I went to my ancestor’s village to enjoy my vacation. My parents also came with me and after staying 2-3 days they left me there for rest of my summer vacation.

In my village my uncle and aunt were staying. I was very close to them as they don’t have any child and treated my like one of them. My aunt was seeing me since I was a child. She was married at very young age. Now she was around 33-34 years. But she maintained her shape and figure. She still was looking very young. But I never had any bad intention towards her. She loved me like a kid and I also loved her for the love and affection she gave me.

So it was a village and people used to go to lake or pond for water for house hold activates and also for having a bath. My uncle was quite wealthy and we had nice water supply and washroom so that we don’t have to use the pond water. It was very hot season now. And one fine day the power was not there so there was no way to get the water to the tank. My uncle as usual left for his work in the morning. Now it was only me and aunt at home.